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Whoopie Pies (on the Lighter Side)

Recipe inspired by: Elvira the chihuahua

whoopie pie

I am more of a conceptual baker rather than an actual baker. By that I mean I bake maybe twice a year or so out of necessity but I have lots of ideas about baking – Like, REALLY good ideas. It’s just that I am not very great at execution. So when I learned that this Sunday would be Elvira’s birthday, of course I had a good idea about what to bake.

Elvira actually belongs to the shelter I’m volunteering at. She is a grumpy, middle-age, chubby chihuahua, who snaps at anybody and anything that happens to pass by her kennel. It is no wonder that she has been there for such a long time without anybody wanting to adopt her even with her striking and beautiful black and white marking (hence the name), and the staff was looking for somebody to foster her in the hope that more comfortable and personal environment may help her become friendlier and more adoptable. And somehow she ended up with me and my guys. Continue reading