sonokoHi there!

I’m Sonoko (aka Snowcone), born and raised in Tokyo, now living in LA. I’m a game producer by day, and a compulsive recipe browser & crazy cat (and dog) lady by night.  Well – Actually, that is not quite accurate. People receive my work e-mails at 2am while I have been caught checking out recipes online at work during the day, and my life revolves around the critters who own me.  So technically, I suppose, I am all of the three things by day AND night.

…Anyway, that’s not important.

What’s important is that I am obsessed with very much enjoy trying out new recipes and spamming my friends and family with them to demand timely feedback sharing them with my friends and family. It’s just that – There are so many great foods/dishes/cuisines I was introduced to (or re-introduced to) after I had grown up, which have since become an important part of my eating habits because they are so darn good. This continuous experience has led me to think that there may be even more awesome ingredients, tastes, and flavors I never tried that I could be totally missing out. And THAT would be tragic.

As my obsession collection of recipes grows, I have been feeling the need to organize them in more systematic manner, and came up with the idea to create a place where I can catalog my ever-expanding list of trusted favorites as well as record my further pursuits for myself, and to be shared.

That brings us here – And I welcome you to join my humble culinary journey. All the recipes are something that excited, surprised, or inspired me along the way, but still an untrained home cook like myself can follow and succeed (and my short attention span usually helps me weed out the recipes that are too difficult or complicated). I hope you will enjoy the ride and find a dish that may make it into your dinner rotation 🙂

Thank you again for stopping by and don’t hesitate to share your favorite recipes with me!

Happy cooking,

Sonoko Ishioka


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Jody and Ken

    You left a like on our blog, so I thought I’d check you out. I think I’m too old to be much of a gamer (I did complete Portal 2 awhile back, which I loved). Anyway, nice sense of humor, good food–the chickpea dish with spinach and harissa is going up on my FOOD TO TRY Pinterest board). Keep it up. I’ll be back. ken

    1. snowcone Post author

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog – I’m super flattered!! I have been buried with work for the past couple of weeks, and finding your comment was such a pleasant surprise. Hope you will have a chance to try chickpea stew, it is one of my favorite recipes 🙂

  2. spree

    Hi Sonoko – you came by my site and left a comment which led me back to you. Happy I dropped in…I’ve wandered around and see that you and I have very similar tastes in food – and you’re sharing recipes in such an attractive way!

    1. snowcone Post author

      Hi Spree – I agree on our tastes in food, your site is certainly full of recipes I want to try! Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

    1. snowcone Post author

      Hi Allison – Hahaha! I think we should be allowed to be a drama queen if it can make our lives a bit more exciting and yummy 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by!


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