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A Day-Old Bread, Chard and White Beans Gratin

Recipe inspired by: Zuppa di Cavolo (Italian Cabbage Soup)

bread chard white bean casseroleI have had my fair share of a rock-hard bread loaf forgotten in the breadbox, but I never minded that much as there seem to be many usages for it – Famous panzanella salad and tomato & bread soup would be obvious and fun choices, whereas I could be more practical and make homemade croutons or bread crumbs to stock up in freezer.

Then one day, with another half loaf of old bread and some leftover ingredients, I almost accidentally put this together, adapting from a variation of Zuppa di Cavolo where the soup is ladled over toasted crusty bread. It INSTANTLY became my favorite way of consuming old bread – As a matter of fact, I like it so much that I now go so far as to let the bread go stale on purpose to make this dish.

But since I sort of made it up and perhaps tend to be overexcited thus somewhat incoherent when talking about it, I have had a hard time describing this dish to others and, consequently, convincing them how good it is – Even to my sister, who is actually married to an Italian (“So… it’s basically cabbage soup?” “No, it’s more like gratin. And bread becomes like French toast, but it’s savory and baked” “So it has eggs in it?” “No, it’s soaked in broth. And I put cheese on top. It’s soooo good! Make it. Make it TONIIIIGHT!!!” “Uhh… Okay…”). Continue reading

Curried Quinoa Salad

Recipe adapted from: Simple Vegetarian Pleasures (by Jeanne Lemlin)

curried quinoa saladOriginally, this recipe was for a rice salad, but I took liberty to make slight modifications as the recipe is so versatile with many of ingredients interchangeable. The curry-flavored dressing is simple but genius – It is so accommodating that whatever the tweaks you may try, it will most likely tie everything together nicely. I made a few variations depending on what I had in freezer/refrigerator at the time, and this is my favorite combination so far.

Please note that there will be a bit of planning involved, as you are supposed to leave it for 1-8 hours for flavors to be mixed and develop after you have combined all the ingredients.  For this reason, it has become one of my lunch staples when I don’t have any left-over from the night before. Continue reading

Sautéed Kale with Tofu

Recipe very slightly modified from: 3 Bowls – Vegetarian Recipes from an American Zen Buddhist Monastery (by Seppo Ed Farrey with Myochi Nancy O’Hara)

sauteed kale and tofuHello and thank you for checking out my brand new blog!  I’m a regular home cook and a recipe nerd – I spend A LOT of time browsing recipes and making the list of dishes/ingredients to try. Since my list is getting so long that I thought it would be great to have a place where I can share my successful findings.

Here is the recipe #1 to start this project. It’s a dish I cook all the time, that is quick, good but a bit different, from the cook book I love and have given as a gift to my friends and family on several occasions. It is perfect especially at this time of the year, as it has been THE go-to dish whenever I need to FEEL healthy – After indulging in big holiday feasts, for example.  Not that you did it but just saying. And obviously I already had my first plate of this in 2013. Continue reading